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Rolf Kleinhans has announced his candidacy to run for the open seat of Nevada County Assessor in the June 7 statewide primary election.

The Assessor is both the manager of the Office and the administrator responsible to annually establish property values for tax assessment rolls.

Kleinhans is the Chief Fiscal and Administration Officer for the Nevada County Sheriff's Office. His knowledge of local property assessments, management experience and insight of County Operations makes him uniquely qualified for the Office of Assessor. As Assessor, I will provide leadership, and 35 years of valuation and operations experience to the office.

Assessor Sue Horne will be retiring at the end of the year and will not be running for a 4th term.  Rolf is honored to have obtained the endorsement of Assessor Horne for his candidacy.

Assessor Sue Horne states:

“Rolf’s proven executive management experience in the Sheriff’s Office and his solid knowledge of our local real estate market prepares him to lead the Nevada County Assessor’s Office.  I trust Rolf to be a strong advocate for our county taxpayers.  Rolf will vigorously uphold Proposition 13 and all tax relief measures available to property owners, and I am proud to support Rolf as our next Nevada County Assessor.”

Rolf, and his wife Karin, have been residents of Nevada County for over 25 years, and as Past President of the Nevada County Association of REALTORS he understands real estate and has experienced the fluctuations in property values.    

Rolf Kleinhans states, “The Citizens of Nevada County deserve fair and accurate property valuations, and I am committed to upholding Proposition 13, all tax relief measures available to Property owners and to serve the community faithfully, fairly and well.”

I respectfully request Your Vote.

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